Why I Created This Blog

After reaching 5000 blog views on MySpace, I realized that I had more and more people reading what I had to say. I also knew that some of the things I had to say were important enough to be heard by a larger audience than MySpace could provide. For years my friends had told me to get a LiveJournal account while I maintained that MySpace was enough for me. That mentality has left me. I now see that the future of our planet is in jeopardy. And while we could all resign ourselves to our fate, we can do more than just worry - we can act.
This blog is meant to enable its readers with several avenues of action. There are organizations working for a better tomorrow that you will learn about. There are ideas and technologies that will surprise you. We are not pawns if we do not act like them. Each and every one of us has power in our voice. This blog will be a powerful message to all who read it. And why not send a message of nature, peace, and art?


mel said...

I for one am glad you started a real blog. I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

Missy (aka: Mel) :)

Janean said...

This blog is a great idea. Hope you don't mind if I tell my brother about it.

The Real Indian said...

Thank you for the encouragement, my friends! Please tell everyone you know about it. I want to make this worthwhile.