Help Save the Arctic

Hey, it's my second official blog entry for this site. And I'd like to present an opportunity to help save Teshekpuk Lake, a beautiful natural home to a vast ecosystem. Several oil companies, ConocoPhillips among them, are bargaining with the government to invade this peaceful home and dig for oil. We have seen the effect of drilling and oilspills in this region before. It is not pretty. Please send a message to the Department of the Interior and ConocoPhillips to cancel development efforts and defend the natural lands which we all hold dear.

In the next month, the Bush administration is going to decide whether or not to sell some of the most beautiful and sensitive parts of Alaska to oil companies. Let's tell them what we think!
Please, pass the message on to friends, family - anyone who cares about the future of undeveloped lands.

Here's a link for banners and buttons to use.

The website is: SaveTLake.org

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